Ehlan GreenHeart

Isolated, alone and so-far lucky, this sorcerous Half-Orc has fallen into some good company, so she thinks....


Traits: History Of Heresy & Magical Lineage

To put it bluntly, Ehlan’s paternal side is old, rich, corrupt and filled with barely-disguised lusts of nature most perverse. Although supposedly unable to father children, Sir Roderrick Blackheart did “dally” with an unnamed daughter of Chief Glore Swiftspear while out in the wilds of the equatorial archipelago.

Surprised a year later with an infant in swaddling cloths, he accomplished the one good deed associated with his entire life; he tossed it to a family servant with orders to the effect, “have the beast taken care of”. Not liking the disgusting man, the servant entered the girl-child into a house of foundlings with orders that she “be well taken care of” and a secret smile.

On reaching her majority, Ehlan did uncover the truth behind her life and was well glad to be free of such filth. Shouldering her staff and clinching her belt, she strode into the world with a reasonable education, 50 shiny gold covers, a decent grounding in the art of sorcery and the creeping realisation of her childhood nightmarish dreams wasn’t simple night terrors, but an unwholesome taint flowing from her reviled Blackheart parentage…

Ehlan GreenHeart

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