Orb – a DungeonPunk World in Progress

See! The exotic sights.

Thrill! At the strange and new developments that a fitful industrial evolution manages to produce.

Cower! Brief mortals, for although change does come, nightmarish agendas also swell with fitful life…

Rejoyce! 3.5 is fun to play again! [Pathfinder, with some small additions]

Wonder! At familiar classes rejiggered to suit a pre-post industrial landscape.

Curse! When a drifting cloud of Antimagic nullifies your flying carpet and your level 16 Mage has to run in terror from a tribe of blunderbuss-wielding Kobolds!

Explore! Trackless marshes, mountains unnamed, coasts unsounded, forests silent, seas unsailed and dungeons forgotten…

Experience! The endless war of the Underearth, pick through ruins made not by man, the teeming floating city of Raft, the windswept Gasbloat tower moorings on Anvil, the silent drifing terror of the Grey Reef, the circumnavigating Orcish pirate horde, the mute sands of the Frozen Desert, the wildlife of a dozen continents and the planet-spanning equator archipelago of a hundred million islands!

Some ground rules though:

1: Pathfinder. You could 3.5 it, but..ehh…

2: Gamble is a Wisdom-based class skill for certain “professions”. It is able to be used untrained, but with far less return on a successful roll.

3: SpellPool. Although you could easily use the standard spells of Pathfinder/DnD 3.5, our little group uses the Spellpool system, modified for ease of play and balance.

4: Magic – Drifting clouds of anti-magic and wild magic do infest Orb, some by purposeful experiment, others from sheer malicious evil.

5: Technology! Steam is used, as are firearms, but a repeating cannon is unlikely to be at the disposal of the average character. Nor is a walking, transforming Castle… Technology needs raw materials, training, expensive workshops and time.

6: Faith! Gods (as is common for 3.5 settings) do not exist, exactly, in this world. Aspects of faith provide a source of comfort and reverence, but ideals can change and alter over time and sometimes, hints leak through the veiled worlds…

7: Faith & Technology don’t like to mix! Faith-based magics grow weaker around areas of high technology, the sheer ease of attainment erroding the belief that powers faith-based miracles.

8: Miracles – Angels and demons exist on Orb, summoned to power & bind with magical armours of terryfying demenour. But if this “Angel” (“Demon”/”Devil” if of evil alignment and Host/Witness if neutral.) outlives it’s followers, what then?

9: Story Points. Each player is awarded a poll of “StoryPoints” – these refresh each session we have and through good roleplaying. Storypoints are used as per actionpoints, your “pool” begins at 1 point/level. As Storypoints refresh each time we play, it makes for grandiouse gestures, great laughs and horrible, horrible revenges.

Oh…and have fun.

Orb World